LesLen Productions
is co-owned by two music industry veterans,
Lesli Carroll & Helen Lewis Mastor.

We are a full service music, audio, and visual arts production studio that recently relocated from the lower CA Central Coast to the lower Sierra Nevada Foothills in Nevada County, CA. We are 2 hours northeast of the San Francisco Bay area and exactly a one hour drive north from the Sacramento Int'l Airport. We maintain a full state of the art analog and digital audio recording studio.

Services include analog & digital recording (tracking, mixing, & mastering), pre & post production, audio tape transfers, digital editing, music composition, arranging/orchestration, music producing, music notation, and music prep. We also provide music and pro-audio private training & group instruction.

As experienced music teachers and educators, we offer piano, voice, sax, clarinet, recording/stage technique, and music composition lessons for all ages and levels. Styles include Classical, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, Latin, and Eastern styles of music.

With years of success and experience in music recording, film, TV, video, and creative arts, we provide clients with a sense of confidence and ultimate satisfaction with their finished product and service.

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